Assignment 2 Contextual essay (final)


After drafting out my essay I read through it slowly and carefully, adjusting any spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Furthermore I made sure that I did not repeat myself. Using my various sources I found on Sherlock (journals) and the internet (sites) I was able to construct a essay that discusses the many issues and impacts Disney has made on the target audience. This includes things like Body image and gender representation. The main reason why I changed the essay title from “How body image impacts the target audience”. to “How Disney animations have influences and effected the target audience.

Within this essay I have discussed about the various influences and effects that Disney characters in particular have made on the target audience. Therefore I have mentioned about the effects Disney has made on both boys and girls. As Disney character’s body images has effected and influenced both boys and girls in various ways, causing both mental and physical harm. However through the years of Disney animation, there has been some more positive than negative affects on the target audience. For instance characters like Merida in Disney’s Brave has shown how independent she is, as well as having a more realistic body image compared to characters like Jasmine from Aladdin. Furthermore it is the same with boys as Gaston from beauty and the beast had a strong muscled and arrogant appearance, whereas Kristoff from Frozen has a kinder personality with a less large muscled body. All of these topics in relation to my statement in the title of the essay have been discussed and explained in the essay above.

Looking through my essay, I think that it came out quite well, as I have explained and explored all the points I have tried to represent originally. But looking through the essay I should of explained some of the points more furrowly, discussing more about how the effects have developed over the course of Disney’s animations. Next time, when writing a essay, I should expand further on the points I am making, using the quotes to back up and help expand on the views and information I am discussing.


Draft for Assignment 2 Contextual essay


Using my multiple sources from Sherlock and multiple internet sites, I was able to construct a basic draft on body image for Disney animations and how these body images have affected the target audience. In my research I found that both genders are affected by body image from watching Disney movies. For instance both girls and boys are affected in a mental and physic way as by watching Disney they are shown the socially accepted body image, therefore believing that they need to represent themselves in the same way. Within my draft I have gone through a number of topics related to how body image is represented to the target audience within Disney’s animations, from early animations in 1940 to films nowadays in 2016/17.

Next stage of this draft is to read through the text so far and add some more information related to this topic. However I have considered changing the title of the essay because I feel I may not be able to get 3000 words out of this one topic. So perhaps adding some additional related topics or perhaps applying this topic to things like gender representation or other ways that Disney characters apply a impact on the target audience.

Contextual studies: Essay ideas


  • Gender (male) representation in Disney
  • Appeal of Characters
  • How Disney uses appeal in characters to effect the audience
  • How character visuals appeal to the target audience
  • Body image- effects mentally and physically on the target audience

Final idea

How body image in Disney impacts the target audience

Now I shall start writing my draft essay for my final topic, but before hand I shall look into my topic on the internet and Sherlock to help get some relevant information on sites and journals.



Contextual studies: Ideology recap

Karl Marx

  • Anthropocene- refers to “our scene” or our era like era of the dinosaurs
  • Revolutions
  • Capitalism- e.g. trump get rid of environment laws

Foreign policy

  • “Hierarchies in Society”
  • U.S- 5%
  • 2002– 22%
  • 2017- 44%
  • Tax payments
  • Marx- class system
  • Carry on up the Khyber (1964)
  • Spy who loved me (1979)

British empire/ others

  • Dismantles after 1945
  • Colonisation
  • Trump (current context)
  • Businessman/ outsider/ sees media as against
  • Ignore the system
  • Unhappy social groups
  • Unhappy social groups that voted for Brexit
  • Older some younger
  • Resolve around: Gender, Class, Ethnicity, History
  • Terrorism- Hear more about it nowadays, people see it is publicised more
  • Media has power to influence and publishing terrorism attacks
  • Terrorism provoke inner conflict between community

Carry on up the Khyber

  • Ethnicity- stereotypes/ British/ India
  • Gender- Men in charge stereotypical women with high class, she talks not as elegant as Men
  • Diplomacy- “two faced”
  • Between British and Indian
  • British- we being protectionist empire state setup- wants to keep hold of what they have
  • East India company
  • Consequence of stolen underwear from trooper as was to represent invincible but now are not (under kilt)

Spy who loved me

  • Gender- British agent man
  • Russian- Agent XXX women
  • Both are said best agents
  • British and Russia submarine missing
  • Union Jack parachute Patriotic
  • Brexit- Fallen off the cliff
  • Bond franchise- No Narrative really just a reset of old previous bond, almost reboot of Bond with new actor
  • Add context to essay
  • Gender, Class, ethnicity and history

Contextual studies: “Triplets Bellevielle Rendervouz”

  • Gestures and actions explain visuals


  • Understood, remove barrier when remove dialogue

Visual design

  • Buildings-;
  • Very tall
  • intimidating
  • over exaggerated
  • New York, Dubai, China, Japan (nowadays tall buildings)
  • WW2 before hand, America benefitted, profitting from cotton and materials)
  • Economics America was in a powerful position
  • France, Art and design from cinema and photography
  • America took it all
  • Triplets are the american dream
  • Art deco from France
  • Environments in America taken from France


  • Driver of the car/ van interesting in smoking
  • Little old lady- weak as hero one leg shorter
  • Hero needs a weakness to make objective more dramatic/ challenging
  • Old lady pedals the ocean
  • Exaggerating situation
  • Protagonist talking to grandmother
  • But at the end cyclist is moping, isolated depending on grandmother
  • Then we all die alone
  • Message don’t depend on everything, don’t follow one path, explore other ideas

Genre study: Musicals

Audience activity

  • Soundtrack
  • Separated into 3 main areas
  1. Musical soundtrack
  2. Diegetic sound- characters can hear
  3. Non- Diegetic sound- audience can hear
  • 1927 musical started
  • Sound introduced in 1927
  • Define a musical- music is the narrative
  • Still have musicals today
  • Disney- Musical genre
  • Some off musicals- La la land

Busby Berkeley and Warner

  • Almost orginal musical
  • 1930’s
  • Extravagant routines believed the serious messages that other films couldn’t get past the hays code
  • Great depression going on
  • 1929 wall street crash
  • Musical more clear/ cheaper to watch in cinema than theatre
  • Wizards of Oz 1939
  • MGM
  • Change the role in women as Dorothy in Wizards of Oz is vulnerable
  • Sub genre- backstage musical
  • The band wagon/ singing in the rain

The folk musical

  • Aimed to get america to pull together
  • Achors Aweigh
  • Includes Jerry mouse- MGM
  • Against Disney with their musicals (feature films)
  • Late 50’s
  • Rock and roll era
  • So ritz roll and rock (still stockings)
  • MGM’s thing for Rock and roll
  • Post- Classical musicals
  • 1960’s sound of music

Animation and Nostalgia

  • School of rock
  • Animation- Frozen
  • Synergy
  • Soundtrack/ gaming industry
  • Originally and licenced music

Essay ideas

  • Gender representation-Disney
  • How Disney animation has changed over time
  • Disney and Pixar
  • Relationship between Disney and Pixar
  • How Disney animation has influenced other animations


Representation in Games

Notes from lesson

Walking dead tell tale game

  • Police car
  • Character in the back of the car- Felan, Black African American, Macon
  • Police officer- Cowcainia, Southern America, Hillbillies, Racism, Wanted to keep Slavery

Classical Stereotyping

  • Police officer believes Lee (felan) is innocent
  • Challenging relationship between characters
  • Lee is kind, did not want to kill the cop
  • Saves/ helps Clemintine
  • Doesn’t want to tell Clemintine about her parents, conceals the truth
  • Cautious
  • Made Lee injured, building suspense when Zombie attacked him
  • Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover
  • Cover- Hollywood
  • Interactions between Lee and Clemintine acts like a dad or possibly a guardian but letting Clemintine make the decisions
  • Other characters like comedy aspect, with ridiculous statements

Life is Strange game

  • Student in high school
  • Distinct personalities between characters
  • Outside- not represented girl like “Mean girls” film
  • Not sexualised
  • Wears hoodie
  • Max is not over exaggerated
  • Focus on character as a person
  • Teenage audience relate as shy
  • Not Average teenager
  • Bullying, paper thrown at someone
  • Engaging characters stereotypical features
  • Victoria is sexualised compared to Maxine
  • Confident character (Victoria) bully
  • Trying to look traditional
  • Knows everything, try to be better than anyone
  • She is a “Kiss ass” to the teacher


The Continual Growth of Disney

Formation of Disney

  • Founded in 1923, by two brothers Walt and Roy Disney
  • Flourished in “silent” era and in modern “Blockbuster”
  • 1926 Walt Disney studio
  • Before Disney brothers cartoon studio
  • First product of Walt Disney short entitles Alice’s Wonderland

Growth of Disney

  • Real success (first) Oswald the rabbit, but after legal dispute character developed to Mortimer mouse
  • Then into Mickey mouse and the silly symphonies
  • Disney embraced sound and colour technologies with flowers and trees
  • First Mickey mouse club and a cartoon strip with William Randolph hearst’s newspaper empire

Disney and Poverty row

  • A massive shift in 1930 in terms of formation of the studio system
  • No position to vertically integrate, no part of the big five or the smaller three
  • Opposed under the term of a poverty row
  • Big five- 20th century, Paramount,
  • Smaller three- Universal, Columbia
  • Hollywood feature length film began to dominate so Walt disney knew that company would have to do
  • Work on his first feature film in 1934 and completed in 1937
  • Was realised by RKO and highest grossing film of all time (until 1939)

Disney studios

  • First feature- Snow white and the seven dwarfs
  • But more successful after was the God with the wind in Cinema
  • Successful features in Disney were; Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940), Dumbo (1941) and Bambi (1942)
  • However because of structure the studio system, studio could not complete with the majors
  • With war (WW2) came a focus on Propoganda and brief move away from feature films
  • Disney ┬ámade Donald Duck animation about Nazis
  • After WW2 Disney expanded to live action films, (Mary Poppins) were not animation
  • 1955- Disneyland opens
  • 1966- Walt Disney died
  • Huge Media conglomerates that beginning to form
  • Manufacture their own merchandise realise that subsidiaries could allow film company to grow
  • Allowed company to enter other markets without damaging family brand of Disney
  • Pulp F made by Disney but owned by Miramax so not have Disney brand on it

Convergence, Synergy and Success

  • Micheal Eisner and Jeffery Katenberg were hugely important for success of Disney as a conglomerate (2nd largest in the world)
  • Investiment in music, Radio, Internet, Theme parks, Retail outlets, Video games, Disney mobiles, Publishing, Theatre and Significantly TV made by Disney much less upon film production
  • Buena vista, touchstone, Miramax, Jim Henson productions and Pixar allowed the company to expand into media business and not just film producer
  • Pirates of the carribbean made to replace part of a theme park that wasn’t as successful

Pixar and Disney

  • Relationship between Disney and Pixar has redefined animation within modern industry
  • Pixar actually began in 1979 as a part of the Lucas film group owned by George Lucas
  • Became a corporation in 1986
  • Renderman bought a new technology to film
  • Produced 17 feature films with Disney
  • Disney purchased Pixar in 2006 for $7.6 billion
  • Toy Story budget of $30 million in 1995
  • Finding dory had a budget of $200 million

The Modern Disney empire

  • Disney’s film output dominated relationship with Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm (purchased in for $4.06 billion on 2012)
  • Universal has been more successful in Box office and theme parks make four times more money than films merchandise likewise, sports and TV (more profitable)
  • Fordism- Production line
  • Mining scene in Snow white and cleaning up scene


Production– Distrubution–Exhibition—Syndication


Camera shots Contextual studies notes


  • S.R.S
  • E.S
  • 45 degree
  • M.O.A
  • 180 degree
  • Montage
  • Tilt
  • PAN


  • Fx
  • P.OV
  • Dialogue
  • Duration of shot
  • Sound


  • Duration of shot used to be 8 seconds
  • Nowadays 2-3 seconds
  • Film first globalised industry
  • Continuity script- same script used for scripts today.

Identify standard shots

  • E.S- Establishing shot
  • 45 degree- 45 degree turn
  • 180 degree- stay on one side of the angle (semi circle)
  • M.O.A- Match On Action

Cracker notes

  • Zoom in
  • Over the shoulder
  • Two audio tracks overlap
  • About us watching him

Mad max fury road notes

  • Quick, short shots/ cuts
  • Voice overs
  • Adrenaline rush

Essay notes

  • Apply feedback
  • Action plan
  • Representation
  • Iconic moments in films
  • Change in Animation


Social networking essay


Above is the first edited version of my essay, by using the draft as a guide I was able to improve upon the feedback notes. Furthermore using the feedback I got from the draft, I was able to make the necessary adjustments to make the essay better. So the improvements I have made is; adding some more book references using the Sherlock webpage.

Furthermore I have been able to develop some of the points I made in the draft, as  by looking at the feedback notes I realised some of the points have not been explained properly and that some of the points are in need of changing as they do not make sense or are in need of refining.


This version of the essay is a developed more refined essay with the feed forward sheet and front sheet to have those additional necessary features. Reading through the essay I have made some improvements to make a essay that has correct punctuation and grammar. Plus I have some additional points with book references to help provide some valid references that back up my points.