The Plea splining progress and final render

After splining the basic key poses for the animation I have gone through and edited the blocking pass for the Stewart rig character. However as you can see below some of the animations are not working properly, as due to some technical issue the arms keep flying around. I have tried to use the Euler filter to fix it but nothing is working. I did my best to fix what I could for this animation. So the playblast below shows my production process for the other side of the Stewart rig to find out what the arm issue is.

Using the graph editor I tried to fix the issues with the character by moving the x and y axis around but some of the arm poses where just not moving in the right place. Therefore I used the hypershade menu to add a rock texture (image) from the internet to make the rocks look more interesting.

The last four play blasts for this animation have made my frustrated as I have tried to fix the issues with the arms but they just are not working. So using the graph editor I did what I could to fix the issues but as you can see in each playblast below they get worse and worse every time.

The final playblast above has been edited so that the animation looks cleaner than the others, the issues I kept having are still in the final animation but some of them are less noticeable because I have used the graph editor to try and fix the issues with the animation. Below is the final render for the Plea animation, as you can see I have had some issues with some of the controls in the Stewart rig but although I did not fix them I have made them less unappealing than they were before. Furthermore there are still some glitches with the arms as they spazz out in some places. Plus the feet slide around which is a little off putting.

The final animation looks good with the mental ray lighting, but because of the animation  it looks very rushed which makes the animation look quite unappealing in some areas, but I have done what I could to fix the issues before the deadline.


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