Creep animation Spline, Polish, Final

Splining the creep animation has been developed slightly since the previous post as I have managed to sort out the legs, feet and hips to move quite naturally with some smooth movement from each transition. However as you can see in the playblast below there are still some issues involving the jumping between frames, so my guess is there are still some stepped keys that need to be splined so I shall go through and change that.

Below not only have I nearly finished splining the character but I have also splined the squirrel as he moves from side to side, curious about the noises.  I have only done some very basic splining for the squirrel as my main focus is on the Stewart rig animation for the creep.

Below is the final playblast for the animation where I have added some camera movement and changed the textures on the books, shelves and floor. I have used some simple Lambert textures with files or plain solid colours on them just to make the scene a little more interesting. Furthermore the camera movement helps to show the character as he creeps around the scene trying to avoid being seen by the squirrel who may or may not be a librarian.

This is the final animation for the creep, I have once again used mental ray to get that nice natural lighting effect which gives a clear scene for the audience. However I do feel like I have missed so stuff on the polish, as I may have rushed this scene because of the time left before the deadline. So as you can see below there are lots of jumps and random movements which are not there intentionally but because I ran out of time to go through and fix them.

However I have done my best in the time I allocated myself to get the general movement smoothed out for the Stewart rig character. But as I have mentioned I missed out on a lot of the small mistakes which has made the animation a little off putting in some areas. But this has helped me to realise for next year I need to think more carefully about ideas and my time management in order to get everything done on time. Now all the individual animations are done I need to finish working on the Plea for the group productions so I shall work on splining and polishing the shot once again.


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