The Chase Animation Blocking and final

Here is the blocking for the chase animation that Robyn has been working on. As you can see in the playblast below Robyn has drawn out the movement for the environment and the key poses for each of the two characters. Unfortunately due to lack of time we have not been able to draw the character designs over the top, as a variety of issues before hand in the group production schedule cost us a lot of time and left us with little time to do this one. But looking at the animation Robyn has done a very good job as you can see the parkour actions in the key poses, with a clear chase sequence between the two characters.

My role from this was to do the inbetweens, but due to a lack of communication in previous group animations we sort of got held back with all of the projects and only had a limited amount of time to complete this part of the animation.

Therefore below is the same animation with a colour card over the top to help show the main line work Robyn has done for the key poses. Although the animation is not finished as we had planned, I can see that the key poses alone help to tell the story of the chase as the characters chase each other across the rooftops. Due to overflow in work with other projects I was unable to complete my other task of making the inbetween frames, as I am currently working on the plea animation. But as I said before this animation may look like a animatic but it still runs like a animation with just the key poses.

The only issue I have with the animation is that despite being incomplete we did not put the character designs on the animation so it looks like two people chasing each other, but there is no visual elements to tell the story to the target audience which is a little disappointing. Therefore next time we work in a group we should consider time management and communication skills in order to improve the quality of our work. This is the final group animation and I can say there has been some rather large bumps in the road to completing all the animations (or attempting to) But overall we worked as a group and achieved what we could before the deadline. Although we had issues in the group the main animations have shown we can work as a group despite the issues we have. Now the task will be to put all the group animations into a show reel with the rest of the animations.


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