Land character animation/ final

Below is the more refined animation for the land, as by using Dan’s feedback I was able to fix the leap issue and make a natural looking arc. By adding that extra frame I was able to make a arc that helps show the power of the jump as the character drops down into the superhero landing. However there is one issue still with this animation, which is the camera angles. Although Dan said it was fine to have parts of the character cut out of the screen, it seems like when the character leaps the camera makes the arc different in shape. But on a positive note I have added the backgrounds into the scene allowing me to go add the character designs over the top to make a superhero and super villain animation.

So below is the final animation, well final blocking animation with the character designs added on top. The issue I have come across is that I am getting very close to the deadline and there is still much to do. Therefore I have had to take down some of the animation off the to do list, as this animation has a clear sense of movement, with a natural arc for the jump. Now having the line work done on each of the characters I am now able to determine which character is which. As if I had not of put the deigns on top, the animation would look quite dull and there would be not sense of story to it.

I decided to stick with the final designs that I developed in my sketchbook for the hero and villain. The main issue that I have with this animation is that because it is not complete I did not get the smooth animation that I had anticipated for. However I did manage to fix the camera movement of the landing part of the jump. As rather than moving the background around, I changed the environment for each of the scenes allowing me to make a smooth transition between the top half of the platform and the bottom half without ruining the animation. Another issue I came across was that the blue box around the scene was preventing me from making the full character in the camera box, as instead I was only getting half a character.

Therefore by selecting the drawing and going to the top menu and selecting Drawing> change bitmap resolution I was able to make the blue box larger to draw the full character. I found this out by going onto the toon boom forum and researching a similar question to what I had. Now this animation is effectively done I will now move onto the creep and get that done as that will be the final animation for the individual project. Then if I have time I shall come back to this animation and refine the frames.


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