Creep Animation Spline continued

After having the main poses done I began to spline the animation in the graph editor. As you can see in the playblast below I edited the hips first. The reason for this is because all the characters movement follows the hips so by having the hips edited first I was able to adjust the main bounces and positions of the creep to move naturally.

However as you can see there are a few small issues that are occurring as some of the movement seems to stop mid way through a step so perhaps I need to go through translate X and Z again to see where the issues are. To make sure the arms do not play up again I have used the Euler curve again to fix any broken or unnatural movement in the rig.

But these two play blasts show my basic splining for this animation, my next task will be to animate the characters properly in the graph editor and make sure that I keep the natural movement without some stops and starts between frames. Therefore my main action is animate the Stewart rig starting with hips and legs then work upwards.


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