3 Character Group performance- blocking continued and rough splining

After getting the basic key poses for the king character done I went through and added some inbetweens to help build up the actions with the imported audio file from 11 second club. So using the reference footage in the background I roughly plotted out the inbetween frames for the main actions. Plus I positioned the key poses for the sword model that I had made previously to help make the scene more interesting. Below is the first playblast from adding the inbetweens to the blocking animation.

Below I have made a playblast without all the controls in the scene, as I wanted to see how the animation looks without having the controls covering the poses making it harder to see what needs fixing. Anyway my character (The king) is starting to look a little more like the reference footage in the background so I need to continue with the blocking and then move onto splining.

Below is a playblast with not only my character splined but Hannah’s as well. Jack is currently working on his character for this animation, but I have imported Hannah character into the scene to help me position my character’ body and head so that the character reacts together. Looking at Hannah’s animation a few times I know that she used my animation as reference so now I will do the same, allowing me to build a interaction between the characters, that fits with the dialogue.

Below I have started to improve some of the issues that have been noticed in the playblast above. For instance the arms and crown seem to twist and move around a lot which is something I need to improve on in order to make the character performance look more appealing. However by using the Euler filter in the graph editor I was able to remove those twists in the arm, making the animation look more appealing than before.

Looking at the animation I can clearly see that I need to edit my character animation as there is a lot of jumping around which is very off putting. Using Hannah’s animation as reference I shall use the graph editor to improve the look my animation, making the graph more refined without all this random jumping around. As you can see in the playblast above I have added some dialogue from the 11 second club just to show how the two characters will interact together. But there will not be any lip syncing as I want to focus on the actual actions of the character before doing small details. Therefore my next task for this project will be to use the graph editor and fix the issues with the movement, helping to refine the key positions of the character.


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