The Plea Blocking (My Group Production)

After planning the scene using the sketch and the modelling the environment I began blocking the animation. Now I know before I assigned the role to Hannah to block the animation. But due to a number of issues with the shared google drive I decided it would be easier to do it myself. I was not trying to be selfish and just do it myself, but because people in my group were working on the chase and I was working on my individual productions I thought it would be easier to work on the blocking and then go from there with the group.

These two play blasts show the basic key poses and inbetween frames for the Stewart rig character, where the main action for the plea is taking place. Anyway so using the reference footage that I filmed of myself for the plea action I used the timeline to pose the Stewart rig in correlation to the reference footage to get natural looking animation with natural timing.  However I can already see I am going to fix some issues, as the feet slide around in some places rather than step, which is very unnatural so I shall need to go back and fix that.

Looking over this animation I can see that the character is showing that basic plea movement with some natural timing, flowing with the reference footage. Looking at this animation I can see there is a lot of parts that need developing in order to make it look more natural such as; the feet and arms. Furthermore I shall film some reference footage to animate the Mery rig character as she walks towards Stewart with a baton. Therefore my next task is to block out all of the Mery elements and then go onto splining.


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