Land Environment designs

Using the rough environment sketches that are in the background of the blocking for the Land animation, I have developed and refined them using  the reference footage and rough sketch. Because I run up stairs in the reference I thought I should use that in the animation but make it look abandoned as if the hero and villain met up there to fight or it could be the villain’s lair. Anyway for the first slideshow it shows my drawing for the large platform that the character will stand on a jump off of. I thought of this after look at my reference footage, as I am standing on a stall as I jump and land, so I thought why not have something similar but much large in scale. By having these 3 environments I will be able to make the jump look more appealing by moving the drawing around to make it look like it is moving with the character to make a jump and land effect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow below has the production of the abandoned staircase which was inspired by my own staircase at home. By looking at my reference footage and using the design in the toon boom file I was able to construct a simple design for the stair case. But in this case I added patched of mould and damp., whilst also having dark walls and a rusty old elevator. For this design I have tried to use dark colours unlike the one above as I wanted to show that evil look or old abandoned look.  At first I tried to avoid using line art for the environment but I wasn’t sure if the colours would work without it, which it did not.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now having some basic but creative backgrounds for the land I can now go and add them into the toon boom file, whilst I also refine/ draw out the character designs that will overlay the skeleton drawing in the previous blocking play blasts. Now my next task it to start applying the character designs for both hero and villain on the scene.


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