Get up Character animation

As you can see here I have added in the environment background that I drew and coloured in Photoshop to make the scene more interesting. The character design has been drawn over the top to make a more interesting character that fits in with the background and helps bring some personality into the story. My main focus for this part of the animation was to get the key poses and inbetweens drawn with the monkey character design on top.

Below is the final animation, here I have removed the skeleton and extended out the frames for the character design, as before in the video above Dan said the flickering design makes it hard to see what is going on. The reason I have decided to leave this animation as it is, is because I am going to focus on the movement of the characters and not the amount of colour on them. Having this background visually tells the audience where he is and what he is doing.

The issue I have it though I have forgotten to add the clock into the scene, so the monkey just jumps and falls for no reason. Therefore I am going to need to go back and add in that part of the animation to make it look more appealing and help tell the audience why the character is waking up.

But looking at this animation overall I like how the movement came out as the character naturally falls out of the hammock with some interesting timing. If I had more time though I would go back and add some colour to the monkey because the black lines are clear off the background image. But I think adding colour to the character would make the animation more interesting. My next task is to wok on the land and make sure the basic movement for the characters are done.


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