The Fight- Fixing the timing

After spending a lot of time of this production for the Fight, I decided to make some time and go back and fix this animation. From previous feedback there was absolutely no timing for this animation, so I tried to move some frames around to make it look more like it had some timing. However watching it through I could see that the transitions between shots were still really fast, therefore I asked Dan for some feedback to help me figure out how to improve the timing.

Dan’s feedback

You’ve used the same colour and type of brush for both characters and backgrounds. This is confusing to the eye, and makes it difficult to quick read what’s going. Between 00:03 and 00:13 the timings between the shots are way off. Some cuts are too fast, others too slow. It needs re-editing . The characters are well drawn, and I love the shot compositions in the second half of the sequences, you did a really good job of building anticipation.

Using this feedback I tried to fix the timing between 00:03 and 00:13, but as you can see below I was really struggling to fix the timing. I think the main issue was that I had no reference to work with and the director Edgar was difficult to reach so I kept trying to develop the animation using the feedback. I will be fixing the colour issues but I wanted to fix the timing before going through each of the frames and draw other them.

Once again I struggled to fix the timing because every frame I moved around seemed to be either to fast or too slow, so I really was finding it difficult to fix the animation to make it look more appealing. The main issue was that the animation jumped too quickly or too slowly between each of the shots, so instead of a animatic it looked like someone who was struggling to use a flip book.

However the idea finally hit me that I should film some really rough reference footage. So I set up my Nikon camera on a tri-pod and acted out the main actions for each of the shots in the sequence. Then I went into premiere pro and added a time code effect over the top of the reference to help get frame numbers for the reference. Then with the reference footage in place I simply moved around the frames to match the timing in the reference footage. Below is the same animation as the others above but with a much more consideration for timing, although the timing is not perfect it is defiantly better than how it was originally.

Now having the timing finally sorted I went through each of the key poses and inbetween frames and drew over them. Although this was very time consuming, it allowed me to make much cleaner lines for the animation, whilst also making sure each of the characters and environments have different colours to one another making it easier to see.  Below is the final animation for the fight sequence, although this is only a animatic I feel like it tells the basic storyline that Edgar had previously come up with before.

However I think next time as a group we should get reference footage before going straight into animating, otherwise you spend more time on a project than you intended. I think this project could have gone better as there was a lack of leadership which made ti difficult to get the animation done as a group. Plus many communication errors made it difficult to see who was doing what. But I managed to temporarily take charge and animate the blocking and inbetweens for the characters and environments. One thing I don’t like about this animation is that the pig and horse are not anatomically correct which in some places makes the character look squished. My next task is to continue working on the plea animation while Robyn thinks of an idea for the chase.


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