Simple bot Walk cycle feedback

After remaking the walk cycle animation with the simple Bot I asked Luke for some feedback to help improve the animation. Looking through the animation Luke showed me some of the issues with the animation, and he made some changes in the Maya file to demonstrate his ideas. These changes are shown in the playblast below. Although I liked my walk cycle animation, I could see that Luke’s observations have shown me some things that I need to change to make the walk look more appealing and natural.

As seen in the playblast above you can see that Luke has edited the animation for one of the steps. This means I can then go through the other steps and change them using this reference. By changing the timing of the steps and adding the small leap, has allowed me to see some interesting ideas that can be implemented into the animation. I like the new idea for the walk has it has a happy aesthetic which makes the walk more appealing compared to a regular walk.

Looking at the changes I can see that my animation has some rather large issues, for instance the feet touch the ground and rise with unnatural timing. So by using the reference I have now, I can go through and add the natural steps with the feet touching the ground and not hovering.

However due to the time before the deadline I am going to leave this animation for the moment and come back to it. The reason for this is because I have a lot of the individual and group productions to work on which are more of a priority. Therefore my next task will be to work on them.


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