Improving the pendulum animation

Using the peer feedback from Sophie for my pendulum rig animation, I went back and improved using the points she addressed. The main issue that I realised as well was that the pendulum swings at the end too quickly when it should be slowing down. Plus the swing at the end is just there, as there is no movement for the pendulum to swing in that way. Therefore I have decided to improve on the end of the animation rather than completely remaking the animation. So looking at the playblast below I have improved the movement of the swing by moving the top of the pendulum quickly from side to side, allowing me to make the swinging action to go with it. By having the pendulum moving side to side quickly it allowed me to improve upon the original swinging action, making it look more natural rather than just randomly swinging.

Furthermore I have improved on the camera movement as well, the reason for this was to help see all the swinging actions when the pendulum spins and flips around the stage. By having this dramatic action it was difficult to get all the actions in a single shot, without cutting out some of the pendulum. Therefore by using a follow shot like the ball on a track animation, it allowed me to show all the actions without cutting anything out.

After improving the individual parts of the pendulum and the camera movement I used mental ray once again to render the final animation. Although there is no platform/ floor for the pendulum to be on, the mental ray render helps to improve the quality of the look of animation, rather than being really dark due to inefficient lighting. Having the animation refined with the graph editor I now have a animation which looks much more natural. Beforehand the pendulum did jump a few times while spinning around, so using the graph editor I was able to refine the curves making the animation look much more natural. As another part of my feedback was that the movement stops in some places rather than flowing naturally, but I have fixed that which has improved the animation.

Looking at this animation I can see that the quality is much more refined than the previous version of the file, as the pendulum swings and moves more naturally rather than having random swinging actions. Using the follow through and overlapping action principle of animation I was able to make the swing move naturally, as the curve in the graph editor was refined to contain smooth curves compared to actions stopping half way through. The next step will be to get some feedback on this animation I find out if what I have made is improved from before. Plus I shall need to start re-animating the walk and stylised walk cycles in order to improve the quality of the animations that I made previously.


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