Group Production meeting minutes

Gathering together as a group we each showed Dan the different animations we had created and our plans for finishing what we could before the deadline. So showing each of the animations one by one we got some feedback on how to make them better. However we are now coming to the last few weeks before the deadline so some of the adjustments may have to be left out.

So the first animation was the fight, where I had gone through and edited/ fixed the line work and timing for the animatic. Dan simple said it was better to leave the animation as it was for now and concentrate on the others. The Leap was next and this being the only animation finished Dan suggested perhaps adding some sound on top to make it more interesting, as well as changing the render settings/ lighting to see how it would look. The chase was still in production but our plan is to get Robyn to finish the blocking and then I shall do the inbetween frames. However while Robyn is doing the blocking and Hannah is working on environments for the chase and Plea I have blocked out the plea animation and I am now starting to spline the animation.

Therefore our group tasks are to get the blocking done for the chase and the splining pass to be done by the end of this week for the Plea.


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