Creep Animation Blocking

Having the basic key poses already setup for the creep animation I have started working on the blocking with editing the poses and adding some of the inbetween frames. Furthermore I have imported the environment model that I made recently, but by adding it to a display layer I am able to hide the model making it easier to see the reference footage without deleting the model. Below is the first playblast for the animation where I made the basic key poses for the character rig to match a similar look to the reference. Having the model as transparent allowed me to position each of the key poses in the right place allowing the character to touch them and interactive with the objects as seen in the reference.

Below is another playblast where I have begun to add some inbetween frames into the scene, allowing me to make some more natural looking movements. Having the Stewart rig has allowed me to form those natural curves in places like the back when the character is crouching, as if I used simple bot the animation would not have been as effective. In addition I have also added something else to the scene. As now instead of a simple librarian I thought about using the squirrel rig, this is because the character is not very large compared to the Stewart rig, but the rig has some interesting features which would make the animation more comical in some places.

As you can see below I have got a large number of inbetween frames added into the scene. This has allowed me to make some extra adjustments to the movement of the character, as having more poses will allow me to sort the splining easier as it will practically be done. This animation sequence has become much more natural looking for the scene, making it much more enjoyable to watch.

Below I have started to develop the animation  by adding a spline pass to the Stewart rig. By using the graph editor I was able to change the stepped graph into a plateau one allowing me to start to refined the animation. As you can see in the playblast below I have made the animation flow from pose to pose, but there are a few jumps in the sequence that need to be changed in the graph editor.

Therefore my next task for this animation will be to go through the spline pass and use the graph editor to fix some of the issues that have turned up in the spline pass. For instance arms are turning/ spinning randomly so perhaps I should go through and change that.


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