Get up Character and Environment designs

Insert character sketches and environment sketches

Below I have gone into Photoshop using the basic sketches of the environments for the Get up to make a simple background. Using Photoshop I drew out each of the layers for the background, mid ground and foreground to give the scene some depth. Having the basic scene set up I wanted to give the scene some interesting colour schemes, so using Draw with Jazza’s painting tutorial I painted some wood textures onto the floor and trees allowing me to make a more interesting scene, rather than simple block colours with shading.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this particular animation I have tried to stick with a particular colour scheme of the primary colours with brown and green. Therefore as this is a tree house I thought it would be a better idea to stick with different shades of brown for the log floors and the trees, making each part noticeable and not all blended together. I put the mountains in the background as I thought it would be a suitable to show some extra depth to the drawing while also telling the audience that the character lives high up in the trees.

Rather than putting the environment as a PSD file I will put the background and the table as separate JPEG file. The main issue was that when I imported the PSD files Toon boon crashed so I thought it would be a safer option to import JPEG files instead. My next task will be to import this background into the animation file and then animate the character design for the monkey over the top of the rough animation so that I have some character design inside the animation.


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