Modelling a character 360 turnaround

After modelling a character in Maya using the youtube tutorial I decided to make a 360 turnaround. Because I have screenshotted the process of each stage from modelling to rigging, I thought that making a turnaround could help to show the working elements of the rig and a full view of the model. Below is the playblast for the turnaround where I have all the controls on the character, with the camera circling the character. I made this playblast to test the movement of the camera, as I had problems before hand where the camera would follow the circle and then go back again.

However to make the camera circle the character model I made a motion path for the camera to follow. So making a circle curve form the curve menu. Then adding the camera into the scene I used the x, y and z axis to move the camera into position so I could see the full character. Enlarging the circle allowed me to then attach the camera to the motion path allowing me to rotate the circle and the camera would follow.

Once again I have used mental ray to render the animation so that the natural lighting makes the shadows on the ground. The 360 turnaround was mainly made just to help show a 3D image of the character rather than simple screenshots that do not show the full character. Therefore making this turnaround has allowed me to show all of the different views for the character model.



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