Re-rendering the Bouncy ball on a track

Looking back on past animation from the beginning on the 3D production module I decided to go back and re-render the animation. So like the ball with tail animation, I used mental ray to render the animation. By adding a lighting system with the mental ray panel I added a simple sun and sky lighting which creates a simple sunlight light making the animation look so much more refined compared to how I rendered the animation before using Maya hardware render.

In addition to the new lighting I have added a follow shot on the camera, as it follows the ball around the track allowing the audience to see the ball clearly as it moves around the track. The change in camera allowed me to see the whole of the animation more clearly, with a creative aspect to it. As looking at the previous version of this animation the camera was in one position, which was good but because of the large bounces around the stage, it was hard to get all the actions in one camera position, without the camera being zoomed out a lot. So I decided to add the follow shot on the camera to help see the actions/bounces more clearly.

Furthermore compared to the original this animation looks much better, as the mental ray lighting makes the animation so much clearer and the camera helps to show all the actions. The reason I have not changed the animation is because the actions of the bounce with the squash and stretch look fine to me and show a clear representation of a ball bouncing around while losing power over the course of the track. But as this is a very bouncy ball the animation shows what I wanted to. However I think I should get some peer feedback just to see if there is anything that needs improvement, as what I see as good may look awful to someone else so I shall get some feedback and improve the animation based on that.


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