Get up Blocking

After drawing out some rough designs for the environment and character I decided to start animating the scene for the Get up sequence.  So the main idea for this animation is a monkey who is sleeping in his hammock in this tree house. Suddenly his alarm clock goes off causing him to fall out of the hammock and wake up from falling on the floor.  The idea came to me as the first thing I thought of when I heard Get up was wake up so i thought about using that but with a appealing idea compared to someone just getting up. So having a more dramatic scene will be much more appealing to watch.

Below is the first playblast where I have roughed out the key poses for a human anatomy which makes the animation similar to the reference footage I used to make this animation. Also because the character is being woken up by something I thought about having a really loud alarm clock, as that tends to wake up a lot of people with a surprise compared to someone just shaking them.

Below is another stage to the blocking pass of the Get up animation where I have made some inbetween frames in the rough drawing to help me plan the basic human character shape. The reason I am using the rough human anatomy (stick man) is so that I can make a anthropomorphic monkey which lives similar to a human, with a similar anatomy structure. However as you can see  in the background I have a bed shape which represents the sofa I used in the reference footage, But I was thinking about drawing a hammock to make the animation more interesting.

As I have decided to make a human monkey character, I need to chose one of my drawings and develop it so that I have a decent idea of how the character will look when I drawn over this skeleton drawing. But now I have the blocking and inbetween frames in the scene which has allowed me to consider applying the character design over the top to make a more interesting animation than a skeleton.  Next I shall develop the character designs and make a suitable environment to make up the background that will have some interesting colour to bring some more interesting features into the scene.


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