Group production meeting minutes 11/05/17

11/05/17- Today we discussed some different ideas as a group for the Plea and chase group animations. My idea for the plea was to have a character pleading for someone to help his friend who is hanging off the edge of a cliff. But the group feedback to the idea suggested that instead of having someone hanging on the cliff, a character is threatening another character who is pleading in front of a cliff as he does not want to fall off the cliff. I personally liked the new idea for the plea. So As the plea is my animation I have given each person a task. I decided to make my animation in Maya as Robyn was more confident in toon boom so the chase will be in 2D.

Anyway after sorting out a new idea for the plea I set up everyone in the group with a task ( well almost everyone). So Robyn was tasked to make character designs and do the inbetween frames for the scene. Hannah’s role was blocking and environments. Edgar had no role because he had been absent for some time and I wasn’t sure what he was doing so didn’t want to put the group back any further whilst we wait. My role was to do the storyboards, environment model and the spline/ polish for the Maya file.  I am currently working on the model for the environment using my basic sketch for the animation scene setup.

Moving on we discussed the idea for the chase, for Robyn’s animation. Discussing ideas we came up with a guard chasing a prisoner, but these two each did parkour making the scene more interesting. Robyn found this reference footage which we are going to use for the chase sequence from 1:46 to 1:55.

This reference will be used to help Robyn block out the main scene. The roles in the group for this sequence is; Robyn- director and blocking. Hannah’s role is environment designs. My role is character design and inbetweens. Edgar’s role is storyboards. Having all of this planned out we are now on the way to working on the plea and the chase in time for the deadline.



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