Get up- character and environment sketches

Below are a variety of character and environment sketches that I have drawn in my sketchbook in order to develop a character and scene for the get up animation. Having all these character designs for the monkey character has allowed me to develop character with human features, but without the human anatomy. I decided to make a monkey character as I thought it would be a nice idea to try out anthropomorphic characters rather than humans or creatures.

Furthermore as most monkeys live in trees I was able to develop some designs for a hammock inside a tree house which is where the monkey will sleep until he is woken up by the clock. So the main idea for get up is to have a monkey sleeping in a hammock when a loud alarm clock wakes him up causing the monkey to fall out of the hammock.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now having the model sheet for the monkey design and some rough ideas for the environment I am going to start filming some reference footage for the get up animation, allowing me to have some clear ideas on the timing and actions of the character when he gets up.


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