Feedback from past 3D production animations


Jump parkour animation
adjust graph editor arcs in the feet.
frames: 22, 32,
improve body arc frames: 38-48

Simple bot walk cycle:
Fix the feet, stop the toes, lower the toes when flick up.
add reference on image plane.

Faster movement between frame 72- 96
ending, move pendulum before the swing action,
slow down the swing action as goes faster at the end.

Stylised walk cycle
add in reference footage on image plane.
adjust the movement not very stylised.

Ball with tail and ball on track

  • Re render with mental ray lighting.

Here I have noted some feedback from various past projects in 3D production. Watching my final renders and going through each of the maya files with sophie, we found out some different improvements to help improve the look of the animation. A lot of the animations are lacking a consistent flow of movement such as; the jump parkour animation, as some of the movement doesn’t have the natural arcs and other principles of animation. Therefore using this checklist I will go through each of the animations and improve upon those movements using the graph editor. Furthermore I shall re render some of the files because the lighting is really dark, so because I now use mental ray I shall render the past animations with mental ray rather than default lighting.


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