The Land blocking

Here is the blocking pass for the Land which is a superhero chase and landing. Having competed in the bomb project for the superhero landing, I kept the theme of superhero landing and made a animation similar to my bomb project one. However unlike using the flash rig I have drawn out some human characters one is a superhero and another is a super villain. So the basic story is that the superhero chases the super villain, but the super villain flies off into a portal and the superhero has to climb a old abandoned set of stairs in the attempt to block his escape. Reaching the top of the building the hero jumps and lands in front of the villain who is then electrocuted and thrown off by the impact.

Below is the first playblast for the animation where I have simply drawn out the background and the rough character skeleton to help me plan out each of the key poses. The reason I do this, is because I am not very good with human anatomy/ proportions so having a rough skeleton helps me to plan out where each body parts needs to be.  This playblast shows the basic key poses for the animation, where you can see I have used reference footage to plan out each pose.

Below is another playblast showing the inbetween frames for both characters in the scene, along with a moving camera to help plot out the main actions. Getting feedback from Dan I found out that there was almost a frame missing from the top of the arc in the jump which made it look a bit odd. But Dan did say that I had some good anticipation which allowed me to get the natural movement of the jump into a land.

Taking on board Dan’s feedback I shall add in a extra frame for the top of the arc to make a natural looking jump. Furthermore the animation itself is starting to look more exciting as the characters are interacting with each other in the scene which has allowed me to design some more character concepts for the hero and villain.  Now my next task will be to start refining this animation and add a detailed background in front Photoshop which can make the scene more interesting.


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