Creep Animation Environment model

This slideshow has a variety of screenshots showing the production of the creep environment model. Looking at the storyboards and my other ideas I decided to create a small library scene for the character to creep through as if he/she was trying to escape. My original idea was to have a librarian sitting in the scene reading a book. Meanwhile the main character is sneaking around the shelves until the floorboards creak and the librarian hears and turns causing the main character to stop and hide. Then the main character sneaks off to the next available hiding spot.

Anyway moving onto the environment model it self, for the shelves I used the cube polygon and then added some edge loops in using the insert edge loop tool to make the gaps in the shelf for the books to fit into. It is quite a simple model which I then did again for a longer shelf. The books are simply two large rectangles with a couple of thin rectangles inside it. Then I added a rounded rectangle on the end of the book to make the spine of the book. Due to the amount of time I wanted to spend on this I simply combined the book shapes together and then duplicated the books multiple times to make the different sized books seen in the screenshots. By using the scale tool I then made the books; thinner, thicker, longer and smaller allowing me to have a variety of books as seen in a normal library.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

However compared to the character the books are quite large but because I did not want to make a couple hundred books for the scene, I made them larger so there was less of them to make the render quicker. Furthermore with the books on the shelf I cheated a little by combining all the books on the smaller shelf and the duplicated them twice to fit in the longer shelf. The chair was not made by me as I downloaded it from Creative crash because I was limiting myself on how long I spent making this model so I could get on with the animation. But the table was made by using a 2 flat cylinders with different sized and then a long cylinder for a table leg.  Furthermore I have used a plane for the floor, but I also added another plane on top to make a step for the character to get up from at the start of the animation.

Looking at this environment I shall come back to adding textures later because I want to focus on the character animation and then when I start polishing the scene I shall add the textures. With the model now fully made I am going to add the Stewart rig to the scene and then animate the character around the scene. I will also use the reference footage I filmed to make the animation. This model was also setup in the same way as the reference footage so that it would be easier to animate the character with the reference footage to help me. Therefore next task is to start animating the Stewart rig for the creep animation.


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