Creep animation storyboards

Below are my storyboards for the key poses in the creep animation sequence. So using the reference footage I filmed in my back garden, I was able to get the key poses for the character who is creeping. For some reason the idea popped into my head for creep which was someone creeping out of a library in other words sneaking out of the library in a suspicious way. So I decided to stick with the idea as it was a clever idea and made the animation really funny and unique. Although you generally think of a creep as sneaky or weird so I decided to go with the sneaky option.



So the main action is that the kid is sneaking around the book shelves when he sees the librarian. One of the floor boards creak and he hides. After the librarian turns around the character sneaks out to the next hiding place, avoiding the attention of the librarian. These storyboards will allow me to make the key poses for the creep animation in Maya, so that will be my next task after I have modelled the environment for the creep.


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