Walk individual production- polishing and final animation

After splining the animation I have started going through and refining the key movements for the walk.  Using the graph editor I went through moved around the key poses in the graph to make the animation more natural, while keeping the stylised motion for the character as he walks along.

Below is the playblast for the spline/ polish where all of the key movements have been refined further to make the animation clean and have the natural look that is seen in the reference in the image plane (in the background). This walk animation looks much more refined than the simple bot walk cycle, as the movement of the hips and legs appears to be more appealing to me and helps tell a little story.  As the character is walking happily down the path.

Therefore I decided to add some additional features as seen in the playblast below. By downloading some environment models from creativecrash I was able to apply them to my simple path way. Using the move tool I moved each of the models into position, allowing me to make a nice little scene for the character. Although the models are not my own, the textures are my design, as using the texture editor in the hypershade menu, I was able to make simple colours with the lambert texture, allowing me to make a appealing visual story.

Having the animation refined with all the textures added onto the models, I have been able to develop the scene by using the mental ray plugin to apply some natural lighting to the scene. By having the sun and sky default lighting system for mental ray I have been able to make a nice clean animation for the walk as seen below. This animation is really appealing to me because the movement is natural and the lighting makes the scene clear to the audience.

However looking over the scene I can see there are some issues with the animation which I will need to get feedback on, in order to improve on. But some of the issues are that the character starts walking after a second which looks a little off putting. Plus the head seems to be tilted for the whole animation rather than going back up to normal position. So I now will start working on the other productions while getting some feedback on this walk animation to help me improve it later on.


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