Large bot swing and miss x3 edits and line work

Previously I animated the scene for the large bot swinging for a ball and missing three times in a row. Getting feedback from both Steve and Dan I decided to add some of their ideas/ suggestions. So the first animation clip below is the same animation that I made before, however I have changed the animation by adding some small pauses when looking at the ball. Dan’s suggestion was to have some short pauses for about half a second (12 frames) to pause the actions. This is because he said that the animation was good but there was no stops it was just continuous actions, so moving some of the frames around I added some short pauses to make it look like the character is thinking but also staring at the ball after he misses it, showing that he is in shock that he missed.

Furthermore this next animation is a developed version of the previous clip above, but instead I have attempted to add some line art over the top to in a blocking format allowing me to fill in the other frames. Because this particular clip is 30 seconds long (780 frames) I had to stop refining the line work for the character because at this stage where the deadline was far approaching, I was getting too stressed out and trying to do more than one animation scene at once. Although I got the basic movement of the torso, head and neck I wasn’t able to block out the arms or legs.

But having this clip shows I have attempting to refine the line work for the character in the scene. But because I wanted to have some decent animation that still told a story I decided to stop the production of the line art for this scene and work on the smaller robot being hit in the face, as this is another crucial scene in my animation. Therefore my next task will be to animate the smaller bot being hit in the face and then come back to the refinement of this scene later if I have time before the assigned deadline.


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