Final Scripts

After looking through and editing my scripts I was able to come up with a finalised script idea for each of my three ideas. Mainly checking through spelling and adding some extra dialogue in some of the scenes I was able to make some interesting script ideas from my original ideas.  I haven’t really changed much from the scripts because getting feedback from my peers, they said that they were all good and made sense.

Most of the changes were spelling and grammar, which I had already thought about changing. Reading through these final scripts I still have not added the camera angles, this is because as I’m writing the scripts, it would be the role of the cinematographer to add in all the camera angles and transitions into the scenes helping to visualise the story. For each of these scripts I have only made simple changes like adding additional dialogue or having a extra action because some of the scenes felt like they were lacking in some actions or the dialogue seemed a little rushed. Although my scripts are suppose to be in the area of 5-10 pages I have done 11 pages for each one because the amount of detail I was going for in each of the scripts was not able to fit it all in 10 pages.

Final script PDFs (below)

The Foolish Thief (draft) V2

Consumed By Metal (Draft) V2

Fears from the Sun (draft) V2

Looking through my scripts I think that next time I should make a number of changes to my process. For instance when writing the scripts I should have the treatments already made so then I can use the whole story to plan a script instead of going off individual ideas that I have made previously. Furthermore I think that having a rough idea for some of the camera angles before doing the storyboards would allow me to have a reference for what part of the scene has a specific shot rather than going off what I have just read. Finally I think that getting feedback earlier on would have allowed me to develop my ideas further compared to feedback from just my scripts, as using feedback for my ideas and planning may have allowed me to add some additional changes to the ideas and scripts. But overall I like how my scripts have come out as they show a interesting part to each narrative and have some different genres, characters and dialogue to show the different variation in my ideas.


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