Editing Scripts

The Foolish Thief script editing



Above is a slideshow showing the different edits I have added to the script drafts in order to make the script more interesting. Looking through this script I have added some very simple add ons including; changing the actions and some of the dialogue. Plus I have added some spelling and corrects to some of the words that have been auto corrected. Because I wrote the drafts on my Ipad with the Celtx app, I had words that automatically changed to something else, but I may not have noticed them all. So going through and reading the script I have gone over with a red pen adding simple changes to the draft.

Consumed by Metal editing



With this script I have edited some of the actions, dialogue and general spelling and grammar. The issues I found in the script drafts were that some of the words were not the right ones or some parts to my script have been auto corrected. Going over the script with a red pen I was able to add some extra actions or parts to the dialogue to allow me to make some of the conversations more appealing to read. Furthermore looking through some of the pages I found that some parts to this text needed some extra actions to describe the scene to the audience. Plus at the very end of the script I added a extra action where the crowd run away from robot Damien as he bursts out of the school and shoots lasers at the crowd.

Fear of the sun editing



This is the final script I edited, where I have used my red pen to go through all of the script editing each scene. Furthermore I have edited some of the basic words and sentences to make the script more interesting. Plus I have made some simple changes like the other scripts to make it more interesting.

Looking through all these scripts I have made some simple edits adding some adaptations to the spelling and grammar. Plus I have edited the actions so that some of the scenes seem more interesting and so they make sense. These simple edits have made the script more interesting to read because the scene makes more sense and in doing so explains the story more interesting. I think that theses edited scripts are better than the originals because although there is not really any changes to the script themselves the general idea of the narrative is more appealing to read. Next I shall use these adaptations to add them in celtx to make the scripts more appealing to read and help to tell the story to the target audience.


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