The Foolish Thief Storyboards

Using the script draft as a guide I was able to plan a specific scene for the storyboards. Looking through my script I decided to use the scene when Grex is being judged at the trial, this is because the scene seemed really interesting visually so I made the storyboards for this scene. For these storyboards I have sketched out the scene using my blue pencil and then added some extra details to make the characters and background stand out. Anyway I have made these storyboards for this scene by reading through the script draft and sketching out what I thought of visually when reading the different dialogue. I came up with the character designs on the spot as they were what I imagined for each of the personalities. However as I had previous come up with this idea from my ideas portfolio I already had a rough design for the character of Grex having one eye large that the other with some large pointy ears.



Having all of these storyboards planned out I now have some more ideas for editing my script draft, allowing me to further develop the idea in the script format. Next my task will be to draw out the other storyboards for the other scripts allowing me to visualise the different ideas I have for a scene in each script.


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