Fear of the Sun storyboards

Using the draft script for the fear of the sun idea I have made these storyboards fore the last scene in the script. In this scene the crew including Frankie, Jessica, Harrison and bobby go down to corridor B to find pod 04 which has been damaged or reported by NOVA as damaged. Getting a call from the boys Frankie and Jessica who were looking at the other pods, rushed over to find a huge crack in the pod and they all realised something or someone might have got out early.  As the captain and NOVA look on the cameras to see whats happening the stone creature comes up on screen making the captain jump with a fright. After Nova scans the creatures they tell the crew to get out of the corridor as the creature is fast approaching. However while the others are talking on the comms, Frankie wanders off to investigate a strange noise at the end of the corridor. But when the crew look around to find Frankie all they hear is a scream for the end of the corridor and they all rush off to go find her.



Having all my scripts drafted and story boarded I can now go onto developing my scripts by getting feedback from my peers to help me with some ideas on how the script may need some improvements. Glancing over them myself I can see that I will need to check spelling and grammar in some of the scenes. Furthermore in this idea some of the storyboards are not in the script as I added them in later, so my next task will be to go through my scripts and add any additional ideas that may help to build the stories. Plus I will edit anything that seems to be incorrect in terms of spelling and I shall read through the script drafts to make sure they make sense.


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