Consumed by Metal storyboards

Here I have drawn out storyboards for the second idea where I have chosen the 2nd scene in the script. So using the draft as a guide I was able to use that to visualise the story and the key points in the scene, that would help the story. So in this scene Damien has just woken up after being passed out. Rubbing his head Damien tries to get up but the alarm bell goes off leaving Damien and his friends in the class. But Damien is contacted by the Alien A.I causing Damien to change/ merge with a robotic suit that the A.I gave to him previously. Changing into a robotic version, Damien tries to tell his friends but they refuse until they know the truth leading to Damien completely losing his mind to the A.I and becoming a robot.



Next time I think I should add some camera angles into the script as it would make the story boarding process a lot easier, compared to coming up with shots from scratch. Next I shall storyboard the final idea before moving onto editing the final scripts.


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