Walk individual production

While working on the productions for the group work I have been working on the individual productions. As this is the production of the walk animation. I could have used the simple bot walk cycle, but I wanted to develop my animation further by remaking the animation to help build and refine a walk cycle. Therefore I have decided to use the stewart rig, rather than the simple bot as the stewart rig has more controls that could help me refine the movement in the character animation.

Below here is the first playblast for the walk cycle where I have made the simple key poses for the walk cycle while using reference.  So here I have used the reference footage in the stepped mode to plan and position the key movements for the sequence to help make a natural looking walk.

Below I have added some inbetween frames for the walk animation, by using the reference footage within the timeline, I have made some of the inbetween frames between the main key positions of the animation. By having the inbetween frames in the sequence I have been able to make a natural looking animation in the blocking pass which can then be refined in the spline pass which is the next step of the animation.

Below I have the playblast for the first spline pass for the walk animation. So here using the graph editor I have changed the tangents in the graph to spline, rather than stepped. This is because I wanted to see how the animation looks in a spline view compared to the stepped. This allowed me to go through the animation frame by frame and start refining little parts of the animation which have gone out of place, such as the toes or fingers.

As you can see in the is playblast I have started to refine the hip bounce in the graph editor allowing the character to bounce naturally as he walks along the stage. However looking at the motion I can see that some of the legs are in need of refinement as some of them stay in place longer than they should do.

Below is the final playblast for the spline pass, so here I have refined the leg movement and are working on refining the overall motion of the character as he walks from pose to pose. The walk itself is beginning to look more natural with each playblast, but there are some parts which need further development until they are fully improved.

Looking over the animation so far I can see that the overall animation has become much more natural looking and has begun to look more like a happy walk/ stylised walk cycle. Although the animation is in need of further development, the actions and key positions show a natural looking walk which is what I have been aiming for. My next task for this animation is to finish refining the animation and then polish minor details to make the secondary actions like the hands and toes more natural, to go with the animation so far.


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