3 Character Performance animation blocking #1

My task today was to create the storyboards, film reference footage and block out the animation for the audio clip “Listen to me!” from the 11 second club. So listening to the audio file on a loop I started sketching out in the storyboards what my character would do in the scene allowing me to go out and film so reference using this storyboard. So I have tried to plan some of the key poses using specific parts of the audio to help plan how the character will react when saying a certain line. Using this storyboard I shall go and film some reference footage to then add to the previs blocking Maya scene.


After picking a suitable audio file from the 11 second club, I decided to film some reference footage to help animate my character in the scene. I have also filmed some reference footage for the Queen and peasant characters in the scene as well, however I made them in case the other members of my team need them. But I am sure they will be using their own reference footage to get their own ideas into the scene. Anyway as you can see in the video below I have managed to match the audio file to the reference allowing me to have some matching actions/ timings for the animation I will start making in Maya.

Now having both the Previs blocking and the reference footage I was able to import the reference into Maya in the previs blocking file. Then using display layers I made the walls transparent allowing me to see the image plane clearly behind it, making it easier to animate using the reference. As this is the first part of blocking I have simply applied the key poses to the scene, providing me with a rough plan of the actions that will take place. Furthermore below is the first playblast for the scene where I have animated my chosen character out of the three, which shows my own progress in the project. I will need to talk to the other members in my group to see how they are getting on and help apply all the scenes together as reference, so when animating my character I can see how the other characters will react.

Looking at this playblast I can see I need to start further blocking all the key positions in the animation and features including; Hands, feet, arms, legs, torso and head. I have the key positions for the movement so I will be able to apply the inbetween frames to the character. But I think that perhaps I should exaggerate or change some of the key poses so they are not exactly the same as the reference footage but still resembling the general idea.

Now that I have storyboards, reference footage and blocking I can start applying some inbetween frames and develop the blocking stage of the animation. Furthermore next I need to talk with my group on how their character animations are going and make sure all of the characters are in similar positions and relate to one another in the scene.


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