Script Treatments

After making 3 script drafts for the 3 of my different ideas I decided to write out a treatment for each of the ideas as seen below. So these treatments contain specific points that help to show my thought processes for how the target audience and main story ideas will be set out. Each of these treatments I have put in; Premise, Logline, Target audience, scope, synopsis and step outline. I have put each of these things into the treatment because we were tasked to add each of these things into our portfolios. Therefore I decided to make all of the features into one document so that everything can be seen together compared to looking through separate documents. Anyway these treatments have been useful as I have included a detailed synopsis which explains my whole idea for each of the stories with the beginning, middle and end allowing me to show my idea for the whole idea instead of just a section.

Treatment documents




Furthermore I have included the target audiences that I researched beforehand. I did look into other age ratings but I thought that keeping the original age ratings would be suitable because the research I did matched with each of my stories so I kept them. In addition I have included gender and interests into the target audience section to help show I have thought about gender and the audiences interests that would attract them to watching the film or reading the script. Because I have interests it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have those particular interest but instead they are a sort of guide to help show the target audience the things they may be looking for inside the film. I have included Genre into this document allowing me to think of specific ideas that relate to the genre and that would appeal to the target audience. Having the step outline has allowed me to plan out step by step each of the scenes in my script that I have drafted.

I know I should of written these documents before the script drafts but I wasn’t really sure on what the target audience and overall storyline would defiantly be, so I decided to write the scripts as drafts to get a section completed allowing me to build on those sections into full story narratives that could be scripted later on. Next my task will be to storyboard each of the script ideas I have drafted allowing me to see visually how a particular scene may look if was actually produced. The issue I have though is my scripts do not have camera angles which might make it difficult to storyboard. But because I have pictured what the scene looks like visually when reading through each of the scripts I may be able to use the scripts as a guide to plot key elements of the scripts into storyboard format.



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