Small bot wakes up blocked animation

After animating the large bot attempting to hit the ball three times and missing, I decided to animate the small bot waking up from a powered down state in the junkyard. I decided to add the inbetween frames into this animation because I thought it would be a key part of the animation, as the character needs to be introduced to the audience. Therefore I have animated the small bot waking up after the bird taps his eye. So using my reference footage I was able to get the key eye movements for waking up/ powering up and the getting up sequence. Using onion skinning I filled in the break frames using the keyframes as a guide to fill in the frames. Having the key frames roughed out I was able to get a clear sense of where the inbetween frames need to go for this sequence.

However after getting some feedback from my peers I decided to stop animating this scene. The reason for this is because I already have 30 seconds of decent animation and this scene is going to be too time consuming to finish. Plus I thought with the 30 second animation I have already made plus the bird scenes I thought I would able to tell a short story. The main issue was the amount of time I have left before the deadline because I am trying to animate multiple scenes at once plus another couple to make the 1 minute long animation I planned to do. Furthermore due to the limited time left before hand in, I have decided to once again cut down the animation. I think by cutting down the animation it will make it easier for me to get a decent amount of clean animation, but keep the attention span of the audience. For instance if I had kept the animation at three minutes and it was unfinished then it would be really dull and boring.

Whereas if I make a shorter maybe 40 second animation with natural but rough animation drawings it may be more appealing to watch or keep the attention of the audience. Therefore my next task will be to cut down the previous cut down and get some feedback on how I should go about shortening the film.


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