Feedback from the LargeBot rough animation

Looking at the animation from the previous post I spoke with Dan and Steve to help me figure out what to do next with my animation ideas. Originally I thought about making a long animation, but putting it together I realised that over 3 minutes of animation would not be suitable, especially in meeting the deadline. So after playing around with shortening the idea as seen in previous posts, I decided to focus on one specific part of the animation idea. So as seen in the recent previous post I have focused on the large bot animation where he swings at a ball and failing three times, until eventually he throws the ball.

So showing both Dan and Steve my animation I got some rather interesting feedback, helping towards my final production. The main issue I came across was that I wasn’t sure how to make the scene I have fully roughed out into a shortened story without feeling like a animation test. Steve’s suggestions were having the small robot being hit in the face after the large robot throws the ball off screen to show that comedic side to the film. Plus he suggested having the small bot being hit in the face with a slow motion reaction like in hotel transylvania, with gears flying out or an eye popping out to show a nice end to the animation.

Dan’s feedback on the animation was that the animation was well planned out and animated, but his issue was that there should be some pauses before moving on to the next movement to help show the idea of the character thinking before another action. As it seems to be that everything is moving and there is no pauses or no movement in the character so perhaps having some pauses would help show the character thinking. My idea is to have the character stare at the ball for half a second and then start on the next action.

The issue I discussed with the ball was that there seemed to be no weight on the ball as it did not bounce, so steve suggested filming some footage of the ball bouncing on a carpet or in long grass to help show that weight value. Thinking of new ideas I finally fought of having the bird intro flying over the junkyard and then having the swing animation, and then having the slow motion hit in the face. This showed a promising storyline within a short animation, allowing me to keep some of my original ideas and not completely redesigning it. Using this feedback I shall use the blocked out animation of the small bot being hit in the face but edit it to have the slow motion action with a exaggerated facial expression and gears flying to help make the animation more appealing to the target audience.

Taking on board all of this feedback my next task will be to continue animating on the scene I am currently on. As well as animating the slow motion hit in the face scene, so by editing the blocking animation for the hit in the face I can change it to have a slow motion over exaggerated facial expression. Finally I need to film the slow motion reaction and the bounce in the ball getting that level of weight into the scene.


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