The Plea Environment model making

Using the simple sketch and my research from the previous post I went into Maya and started modelling a simple environment model for the cliff that the plea will take place on. So using my previous modelling ideas like in Visual storytelling I used cubes and rectangles to form a displaced rock shape. So using the insert edge loop tool I inserted lots of edges to then moved around in vertex mode. After moving around the vertexes I formed two large rock shapes with a river like shape inbetween on the floor. Having this helped me to start thinking about the textures for the model which could make the scene more interesting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see the process was quite straight forward as the model was mainly cube shapes that were displaced. Anyway looking at this model I have seen that the basic idea I originally came up with has appeared in the model. However I think i might have to flatten some of the rocks on cliff edge making it easier to position the characters which going through them.

This simple model is going to be used for the final animation, as the scene shows a good sense of depth. Plus the model helps to tell the story to the audience that the characters are going to fight or do something on a cliff edge. But thinking about the animation in general I think the environment could need a little tweaking later on as the flat edge may be needed to make the character stand up easily, but need to make sure the cliff is not too neat as it is natural not hand made. Therefore my next task will be to edit the animation and fix the displacement of the rock, to help make a more appealing animation.


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