Rough Animation: LargeBot catch, throw, swing, miss x3 then dog throw

For the past four days I have been animating this scene for the largebot attempting to hit a ball 3 times until getting very angry and throwing it away. After putting all my scenes together I realised that my idea would be way too long, as it turned out to be over 3 minutes long. Therefore looking into my different scenes I saw this was the longest scene and considered using it for the final production. This is because it had the most interesting movement to animate as well as having multiple animation principles included. This includes; Anticipation and follow through and overlapping action, so the main stages of this process was to go through and add the inbetween frames to the blocking I had originally made.

Insert in between frames video.

Then after adding all the inbetween frames I went through frame by frame and added the rest of the frames. Furthermore using my reference footage I filmed with the frame numbers added on top I was able to go through my toon boom file frame by frame and make a similar action/ movement in my animation, providing a natural looking animation. However after looking through my original ideas for the final video, I thought about changing the animation making it even shorter than I originally planned. So I will need to get some feedback on my animation to help me figure out how to go on from this stage to make this scene tell a story, so perhaps adding some of the bird scenes in front, but I’m not sure yet.

But I like how this animation has come out because the movement flows nicely and looks natural. However I do think the ball seems to be edited as there is no weight to the ball at this time. Mainly because I wanted to focus on the character animation compared to anything else, but next I need to add some weight to the ball animation helping to make the scene more natural. Plus I need to get some feedback on the scene, to help me figure out how to improve this movement and the final animation.


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