The Plea Sketches, Research and Storyboards

This is the first sketch I made to make the character designer and environment designer’s job easier by planning out how the scene is going to look. I made this sketch by thinking of some different ideas for someone pleading. But the main idea that occurred to me was someone pleading to save someone else. So I decided to make a animation with the main character pleading to save his friend from falling off of a cliff. This sounds quite dramatic but I think it will be quite interesting to make in a plea animation. But I think that I should ask my group to get some feedback on the idea and how it could be improved before we start animating.


Furthermore to get a more interesting landscape I went onto Pinterest and looked up desert cliffs. To make this environment sketch I decided to look up some basic art and images to help me figure out a rough idea idea.  Below is all the images I looked into on Pinterest to help make the basic sketch above.

After filming my reference footage I decided to make some storyboards, to help plan out the scene. Using the reference footage with the frame numbers on I was able to look at each of the frames and draw the key poses from that reference that would be appealing to watch. Below are the storyboards for the plea, but I think the issue with these storyboards are that the shots are all the same which make its a little boring so perhaps if I have time I should improve the storyboard shots. Below are the main storyboards for the plea, where I have the camera shot throughout which needs to be improved upon.


Next time I need to use the reference footage and the storyboards to start animating the scene. But I think that I should make the environment model first, so that I can add the characters on top without having to completely remake the animation to fit on the environment model.


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