Cutting down the animation

Seeing that the animation is way too long to animate completely in time for the deadline, I decided to cut down the animation to make it more achievable to animate. Seeing in the previous post that all the rough animation blocked that is combined, is over 3 minutes long. This is defiantly not achievable to animate in time for the deadline. So looking through the animation I decided to cut it down to about half the time, to about 1 minute 25 seconds. So to make it shorter I had to cut out the kick into the distance and the large bot being hit on the head. This is because I felt that the animation in this cut down still tells a clear story and the kick animation is not necessarily needed.

However I did feel like the animation would have been more appealing with the kick motion in it, as it made a comedic side to the animation. But looking at this animation I can see that the video story still tells an appealing visual story about a large robot that cannot hit a ball. I decided to keep the main opening sequence because the bird helps to make a interesting establishing shot for the scenery, allowing the audience to see the scale of the junkyard environment. I think that this animation being shortened could have more potential to be finished in time compared to a 3 minute animation. Furthermore shortening the animation I have considered more about quality than quantity, so if I only manage to get one scene animated I shall make sure the animation is the best it can be.

Looking at this sequence I shall start to add some inbetween frames into the robot scenes, allowing me to have the main actions roughed out before refining. Using my reference footage I will be using toon boom harmony to animate the small robot waking up and the large bot attempting to hit the ball. This is because these are the largest scenes in terms of frames so they need to be made first. Worse scenario this will allow me to have a long scene for a character that can be made into a clean animation.


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