3 Script Drafts

After researching into different ideas and features to my 3 different scripts, I decided to draft out all 10 pages for each of my scripts in order to help me see which ideas would work or if I would have to change some of them.  Using Celtx I setup all my scripts with actions and dialogue but no camera transitions or shots because I wanted to focus on the important parts of the script and add the camera shots later on. Anyway using a combination of my research and previous ideas I was able to come up with the 3 scripts where I have selected the parts of the story that I have made previous ideas for so I can have a solid starting point for each of the scripts.

I have come up with the idea for the first script by using a script from my ideas portfolio called the gold thief. I have made this script idea from developing that idea and making it more interesting for the target audience.

Idea 1- The Foolish Thief


Above is the PDF for my first idea, so using Celtx I came up with 3 scenes within the script helping to show the story of the Goblins. So a quickly narrative behind what is going on in this script. We arrive in the Goblin kingdom where King Boogle is shouting down the corridor, calling for his royal adviser Grex. Once arriving in the throne room Grex is told he must deliver a huge chest of gold (almost double the size of him) down to the treasury room to be locked away. Once Grex slowly but surely gets down to the treasury room, Dike one of the king’s royal guard stops him. Soon realising that it is Grex behind the huge chest he lets him into the room, with gold and shiny trinkets around the room. Struggling to get through the door and trying to get some help from the guard, Dike decided to pick the chest up with Grex still holding on and put it on one of the special podiums. Not realising he squashed Grex under the chest Dike leaves the room locking the door behind him. Once escaping from being squashed underneath the chest, Grex realises he is locked in and has to try and fight the temptation to touch the gold. Unable to leave the room Grex becomes mesmerised by the gold and starts trying to unlock the chest. With the attempt of opening the chest, Grex finally opens it to be suddenly inflicted with the famous gold sickness causing him to lose his mind and become obsessed with the gold. King Boogle finds him in the room and after attempting to unlock the door he finally bursts in to find Grex licking the gold coins. Angry with what he has seen King Boogle orders his guards to arrest Grex and start the trail that evening.

Then Grex is held by the guards with a dog collar as Judge Grimme enters the judging podium. After various discussion on how Grex is inflicted with gold sickness, Judge Grimme pulls out a solid gold coin causing Grex to go mad struggling to get out of his restraints. As the crowd see his new strange personality Judge Grimme decides to banish Grex to the caves of gold where he will be trapped in his gold obsession state for the rest of eternity. King Boogle orders his large henchman Belch to throw Grex out of the kingdom, but instead Belch grabs Grex and drop kicks him into the distance.

Consumed by metal 


Above is the PDF file for my script for the second idea. So this script is  separated into 3 scenes which help to tell the story about how the protagonist becomes a machine. So this idea is about A high school boy named Damien McDrake who is going through high school in the highlands of eastern Scotland, with his friends; Nick, Jasmine and Ashley. I set the start of the script where Damien is in science class chatting to his friends about how boring the lesson is, until he is caught out by the teacher Mrs Dee and told to write some answers on the board for the science lesson on chemical equations.  Being quite knowledgeable with science Damien passes all the questions until a strange voice appears in his head. Before the script Damien found a strange alien artificial intelligence which gave him the power/ a robotic suit to fight the nightmares that he was having about the end of the world. Damien soon is taunted by the voice of the A.I till the point where he cannot seem to concentrate and he collapses to the floor passing out from the voices in his head. As the class crowd around him Damien wakes up to find Mrs Dee and the class around him, calling his name to try and wake him up. Rubbing his head Damien attempts to get up to see the nurse when the alarm bell bursts out into a high pitched ringing. Having a practise alarm bell that day the whole class rush outside, leaving Damien and his friends behind because Damien couldn’t get up immediatley so his friends stayed to help.

However after being attacked once more by the alien A.I Damien soon discovers his body was being controlled by the A.I, making him say strange things towards his friends. Suddenly after getting some strange pain on his skin, Damien realises that his skin was slowly turning into metal. But this was not just metal it was the suit that the alien A.I had made for him previously. Feeling like his friends where in grave danger, Damien tells his friends to leave and get out of the room. But unfortunately the power of the A.I becomes too overwhelming for Damien causing his entire body and mind to be under the A.I ‘s control. After scaring Damien’s friends a little the A.I and Damien clash trying to take control of one another, until Damien gives in and is turning into a giant metal, robotic suit. Rushing out of the class Damien’s friends look back to see a giant robot burst out of the school destroying the entire classroom. Terrified the class and the rest of the school run away, causing the robot to notice them and start firing blasts of lasers at them.

Idea 3- Fears from the sun


For this idea I have changed the original title because I felt that the original title seems to simplistic and plus didn’t really make sense that much. Anyway this is the final draft for my script ideas. So the main storyline to this script is that a cabin crew on board a large space station escapes the Earth’s destruction as a nearing supernova destroys the planet leaving only but rocks and dust behind. The script starts when the crew are chilling about the station, chatting and relaxing not knowing that part of the Earth’s core had been attached to one of the stasis pods holding various survivors from Earth. AS the radioactive isotopes flow into the life pod they create a stone like creature from the human inside and use it to try and infect the other survivors. After chilling around the station the crew are called to an emergency meeting in the control room by Captain Merlin. AS Merlin attempts to explain that he may not be around for the whole trip a security alarm goes off, as NOVA the ships A.I finds a anomaly in one of the life pods and tells the crew to investigate. After inspection the crew find fragments of glass broken from what appears to be from inside of the pod. Thinking that something or someone has escaped their pod they looks around to try and find the survivor. Getting a flash of the creature on the monitors Captain Merlin and NOVA advise the crew to leave the corridor before what ever it was gets them.

As Jessica (the pilot) talks to Captain Merlin on the comm, Frankie (the medic and Jessica’s girlfriend) wanders to the end of the corridor after hearing some strange noises echoing through the corridor. Feeling like something was there Frankie looks around only to be snatched by the creature and taken away. As the team look around they suddenly hear Frankie screaming and rush off to go find her.


Each of these 3 ideas has allowed me to explore different ideas and genres for the script ideas as I have decided to make idea 1 into a animation script and the other two into film scripts, This is because the goblin idea is much more comedic and exaggerated which is something a animated movie has, compared to quite direct motions that tell the story. Now having all of these scripts drafted I shall read through them all and get some feedback on some things that could be edited or changed to make the scripts seem more appealing to my chosen target audiences. Furthermore my next task is to start writing out the treatments for each of the scripts, showing specific details for my script ideas such as; target audience and premise.



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