Final Environment concept art

So having the 3d Maya model planned and finished I decided to finish up some concept art based on the environment. So using Photoshop I painted out some compositions to help me figure out how I should move the camera around the scene to tell the story. So below is one of the final concepts where I have drawn out some basic composition with the scrap and telegraph poles in the scene. In addition I have added a orange sky to represent the abandoned earth, where the air has been completely ruined by fossil fuels and global warming. But the main idea for this composition was to expand on the colours for my Maya model, allowing me to get some appealing looking junk piles. Another reason for making this concept art was because the textures on my model seemed a little stretched out so I considered changing the shapes into basic colours rather than detailed textures.


Another piece of concept art I did for the environment was a grey scale composition scene of the piles. By using the lasso tool I made the background, middle ground and foreground into different grey colours allowing me to show the depth in the scene. Plus this concept art like the previous one above has the orange sky to make the scene look more appealing than a normal blue sky. Plus the orange sky makes a happy kind of feeling when you look at it which helps to make the scene more appealing. Furthermore this scene with the grey scale depth makes a three dimensional design. So if the Maya file doesn’t look appealing with the 2d animations I could use this design to help form the background.


Looking at both these concepts I thought about leaving the Maya model as it is, with the stretched textures. This is because at the moment I am more concerned with the character animation than the environment, therefore I have decided to use the Maya model as it is, but if it goes wrong I can use this concept art above to make the animation more appealing. However I can my next task will be to concentrate on the character animation and come back to the environments later if I have time.


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