Adding Textures to Junkyard model

Today I have applied some different textures to my model, so by going on google, I found some different textures including; rusted metal, metal, scrap metal, sand, rock and wood. All of these textures I have implemented onto the model to help make the scene look like a junkyard with some realistic looking colours. The issue I had with using simple colours is that there would be no depth in the scene, making it look really flat when I add the lights in,  therefore I decided to add some realistic textures into the scene to bring some appealing colours to the scene.

Below I have added the textures to the scene by using the hypershade menu, where I have added the textures using Lambert textures with the image overlayed. The issue I have with adding these textures is that the textures seem stretched out, so perhaps I should use the UV maps to help make the texture more appealing to watch.  As you can see in the slideshow I have added a mental ray lighting system to help show the sun light on the junkyard. Looking at the scene I can see that the textures fit the scene and really stand out from each of the metal textures. However because of this lighting you can see all the unappealing textures more clearly making a rather stretched and rushed look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Therefore I shall not be using these textures as they are in the final model, as they seem too stretched out to look natural. So I will next need to go back into the model and look up some tutorials on how to apply UV maps to the textures allowing me to have the textures on each of the textures but not look so stretched out. But looking on this model I can see that the details from the textures make it clear what the scene is. After getting some feedback on this model from Steve, he suggested to make the walls higher so that it looks like they are containing the large piles. But he suggested perhaps having some see through walls like bars or barbed wire to help show the piles from the outside and not have large bold walls in front which make not look too appealing.

My next task will be to apply the feedback to the scene and add the UV maps to the textures allowing me to get some more appealing looks to the model so that it looks like a natural scene rather than a rushed model.


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