3 Script Loglines ideas

Loglines- 26 words

Idea 1- The foolish Thief

  • Once a royal adviser to the goblin king….
  • A Royal Goblin adviser is exiled after being inflicted with gold sickness, leading to a rather disturbing obsession.

Idea 2- Consumed by Metal

  • A Young boy is visited by a strange visitor in the highlands of Scotland causing technology and humanity to become one.

Idea 3- Fear of Solar

  • After Earth is dismantled by a nearing supernova, A cabin crew take remaining survivors across the stars, until they are attacked by a mysterious creature who unexplained got aboard.

Target audience age ratings ideas

  • Idea 1- 10+
  • Idea 2- 12+
  • Idea 3- 18+

Using my research into target audience using imdb and BBFC I was able to come up with some rough age ratings for the target audience of each of my script ideas that would be either a animation or film. Therefore I decided to make the age ratings in a format that would be suitable for a film or animation rating.


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