3 character performance modelling crown

Here I have applied a a crown model to the character, so starting of I used the hollow cylinder polygon primitive and used the scale tool to change the size of the crown. After making the base shape for the crown I used the extrude tool (Ctrl E) to extrude some of the selected faces on the flat cylinder to make the points on the top of the crown. After that I decided to use the scale and move tools to move each of the points into the center of the model to make a crown shape. The way I made the queen crown was by having smaller points on the crown almost like a tiara. Then for the Kings crown I made the crown points taller to show a difference in the design.  Finally the last screenshot was to show the extra plane I added into the scene to make a red carpet  for the room to show that level of royalty, and later giving the room some more colour when I texture it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Applying both of these crowns to the top of the characters head, the next stage is to start story boarding my animation so that I can create some reference footage to then add to a image plane in the previs animation. I shall give this scene to the rest of my group using google drive allowing all of us to have similar characters to animate all together in the scene using separate files.


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