3 character group performance final setup and first playblast

Here I have duplicated the chair and edited it to make a King’s chair. So basically I edited the vertexes on the back of the chair and moved them into 3 points on the crown rather than 4, plus I have made the back of the chair slightly taller to show a difference in the chairs. Furthermore in the environment I have made some pillars in the scene to make it look more like a thrown room where I have simply attached a cube polygon to a sphere and then edited the vertexes to make a tall pillar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus in the walls I have added some windows in the scene to make it look more like a throne room. As looking online and remembering castles I have been to, there are a lot of stain glass windows or just windows in a castle so I thought about making some windows in this scene. I can then also add some more light through the windows lighting the scene up more. Then having all the windows in place I removed some faces in the windows to try and make a window with glass. So adding a new lambert texture I changed the transparency which did not work as effectively as I thought, as it made the whole wall transparent. Therefore I need to develop this further.

Below is the first playblast for the scene where I have added the audio clip into the scene, where I have not yet animated the characters, but simply positioned the characters and camera to make a playblast of where you can see all the characters and majority of the scene. So adding the audio from 11 second club will allow me to start thinking of reference footage for the animation.

Next I shall discuss with my group the idea and start planning and filming reference footage for each of the characters, whilst drawing out some storyboards for the animation.


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