Bird flies over junkyard sign

After animating the other scenes for the bird character I decided to animate the last scene with the bird flying over the junkyard before meeting the small robot character. Once again I have used this YouTube reference to get the bird flapping motion and timing so that it looks like a bird flying.

Below I have animated from the basic blocking in the blocking combined video (previous post) and have animated the entire bird motion using the reference footage. This scene is basically after the bird has flown toward the junkyard he flies over the sign to see the entire junkyard in the background, until swooping down to fly past the robot who would be in the distance. The video below shows my character design overlayed over the top of the animation for the bird flying over the sign. The timing for the swoop down as reference by previous bouncing ball animations where it is roughly 12 frames from going down and up again so I decided to stick with that. The rough arc lines have helped me to animate the position of the bird as he swoops over the sign and down to the ground.

Below is the same animation but I have added some camera movement into the scene. Like the previous scene I have added a follow shot of the bird as it swoops down. Having the camera follow the bird allows the audience to see the main actions and the environment from the bird’s perspective. Furthermore for this scene I should consider adding the robot in the distance to help me plan out where the character will be placed in the scene.

Below I have added the robot character into the scene allowing me to plan out where the bird will go as it flies over the sign and swooping down to go off camera. So my plan was to have the camera follow the bird over the sign and then have the camera go off and zoom into the robot. Because the bird flies off screen the camera can have a long shot of the bird as it flies off to the left of the screen and then the audience will still be able to see the robot in the distance/ background until the camera zooms in.

Once again I cannot seem to get the flow of the wings completely natural looking, so perhaps I need to practise more with animating bird wings. However the overall look of the animation looks appealing and will allow me to combine these two scenes together like in my beat boards. Now the nest task will be to start animating the other scenes in the animation so that I can see how the characters movement will look after this scene. Therefore next task will be to animate the robot waking up from in the pile as seen in the distance of this animation above.


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