3 Character group Performance environment modelling and importing audio clip

For our group performance animation I have created some models for the chair, where I have used the reference images seen in the slideshow below to help me come up with some ideas. The first image was a rough idea for the chair shape, but it looks to boring. Therefore I moved on, using the cube polygon to reshape and create the body of the chair and the arms of the chair. To make the cushions I used a cube polygon and reshaped it to make a circled cube until I used the Mesh> Smooth and changed the division level to 3 making a cushion shape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Furthermore for the legs of the chair I used one cube polygon and added some more edges using the insert edge loop tool, allowing me to move the now rectangular shape. So going into vertex mode and moved the end vertexes and move the chair legs to get a curved shape as seen in some of the reference images. Finally adding some spheres and moving the back of the chair vertexes around I designed a chair for the queen having a sort of crown shape on the back of the chair to show it is her chair.

My next process will be to duplicate this chair and edit it to make it look slightly different for the kings chair. Plus move the characters into position on the chairs.


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