Research for Idea 3- Fear of Solar

As this idea is mainly involved in space I looked into a lot of space stations on the NASA website to help me develop some ideas on the restrictions the station would have in my story.  Plus I wanted to see how the station would look in real life and try plan out a visual idea of how mine would look to store all the characters. But the main research in the links below was ” what is a supernova”, this is because the main part of the story is the Earth being destroyed by a supernova. Therefore I needed to research how a supernova is made and how it could affect us. So looking into it I found that a supernova is how a star like our sun dies. For instance our sun could either die out and turn into a black dwarf or it would go supernova. So using this research I was able to get the technicalities about supernovas, allowing me to implant the general physics of our solar system into my script idea.

Furthermore because this is a horror/ sci fi film idea based on a space station I straight away thought of two films that have a similar theme. One being Alien and the other being Interstellar. As both of these films involve space stations and space, I thought it would be best to look into them further. Alien is a good example of the horror side to my story because I wanted to have the stone creature jump scare the characters, hiding around the vents of the station. Alien has helped me to see how the creature could be seen by the characters, allowing me to think of way the characters would react to certain situations based on the creatures attacks. Interstellar helped me to see the different ideas involving space travel and the space station idea itself. Because the main idea of this film is to travel through space I thought it would help in thinking of ways to show the space station and how the characters react with each other on board.

Below is some research into stone like creatures that are both humanoid and completely made of stone. Both of these came from the TV show Doctor who, as the weeping angels are stone statues that can kill you and send you back in time. I looked at weeping angels because their stone statue appearance helps to conceive the idea of that if you blink they will move. The idea of making my creatures stone came from these characters because when you think of stone, you don’t see it to be a evil killing monster. But Having these characters as a guide have inspired ideas about how my creature will move around the station. Furthermore the video link below is to another Doctor who creature called time zombies which are humans that have been made to stone by being attacked by previous versions of the stone creatures from the past, that then makes the people into those creatures. So basically a time loop in a way. Anyway the idea did not come from these characters but looking on youtube and seeing this video I instantly thought of some sort of orange like radioactive solar energy peering out of the stone creature to give it a more scary monster.

More links below show my further research into supernovas’ as I wanted to see how our sun would react if it went supernova. From what I can tell from my research if the sun went supernova we would all be dead, because the heat from the supernova would wipe out everything. A quote from the page “If we flew to Pluto we still would not survive”. Therefore what I thought of originally for having the supernova destroying the Earth would essentially happen, because the supernova would be so hot it would kill of life on Earth.  This research has helped to make my film idea slightly more realistic in the sense that when the station tries to escape the supernova it will be a very difficult challenge for the characters, making a interesting plot for the target audience.

Now because I was thinking of making a horror movie I thought about making the target audience a 18+ film, because then I can make some graphic scenes and have the creature interact with the other characters in a way that would look like a scary horror movie. Now the idea of making the film a 18+ was mainly because of films like Alien where they’re are a lot of jump scares and violent, gruesome scenes that help to show the strength and brutality of the creatures.

Therefore having all my research sorted for each of my script ideas I will now start developing some drafts for the scripts, allowing me to plan out my story ideas into 10 page scripts that would tell a specific part of the story without having to try tell the whole story at one point. Next I shall start writing out the script drafts in Celtx allowing me to later get feedback on them and help me to improve the overall concepts/ story lines for each of my 3 scripts.


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